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TopVent® MG
Gas-fired supply air handling unit for ventilating and heating high spaces

TopVent MG was especially developed for use in high spaces. The unit is mounted under the ceiling and connected to a fresh air duct. According to the position of the dampers it draws in fresh air and/or room air, filters it, heats it in the gas-fired heat exchanger and blows it into the room through the Air-Injector.

Thanks to its power output and its efficient air distribution, TopVent MG has a great reach. Compared with other systems, only few units are needed in order to achieve the required conditions.

A distinction is made between units with, and without, flue gas condensation technology. The unit with flue gas condensation technology also makes use of the condensation heat of the flue gas, which enables a particularly energy-efficient operation.

2 different unit sizes and diverse output levels, as well as a broad range of accessories make possible solutions tailored to the requirements of each individual hall.


Heating (with gas-fired heat exchanger)
Fresh air supply
Mixed air operation
Air distribution via Air-Injector
Air filtration

  技術參數 MG-6/30 MG-6/30C MG-6/60 MG-9/60  
  Air flow rate m3/h 4200 4200 4275 6980  
  Heat input kW 32.0 30.5 66.0 66.0  
  Heat output kW 29.2 30.0 60.5 60.5  
  Reach m x m 19 x 19 19 x 19 19 x 19 26 x 26  
  Weight kg 175 178 185 230
主頁 地暖系統 史密斯熱水爐 皓歐鍋爐 烈騎鍋爐 鍋爐 皓歐高大空間空調 地源熱泵空調 空氣處理機 中央空調 其他產品 典型工程 工作機會 網站地圖


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